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Nail fungus is a common foot health problem, affecting 35 million people worldwide. Trying to solve the infection without the qualified help of a podiatric specialist like Albert Samandarov, DPM, can lead to more problems. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact Ideal Foot Care in Queens, New York. The practice offers the latest treatments to rid you of nail fungus, including the PinPointe™ FootLaser®. To find out more, call the Astoria office today, or book a consultation online.

Fungal Nails Q & A

How common is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is extremely common. About 1 in 4 adults will experience some type of nail fungus by the time they’re age 40. Half of senior citizens have some form of toenail fungus.

One dermatology study looked at the problem of nail fungus in the United States and found that almost half of the people who came into a doctor’s office were seeking treatment for fungus-related problems.

What causes nail fungus?

Onychomycosis is an infection of the nail bed and plate. Various types of fungi cause it, often found where you live, work, and play. 

When the fungi take hold, your nail changes, producing these symptoms and others:

  • White marks or spots on the nail
  • The nail turns yellowish-brown or darker in color
  • The nail smells foul 

An untreated nail fungus may spread to other toenails, your skin, or your fingernails.

Who is at risk of getting nail fungus?

Microscopic organisms like fungi flourish in damp areas where you’re more prone to walk barefoot, such as swimming pools, locker rooms, and showers. 

Injuring your nail bed may make it more susceptible to all types of infection, including fungal infection. Having certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes or circulatory problems, can increase your risk of getting a nail fungus.

How is nail fungus treated?

Your podiatrist at Ideal Foot Care examines and takes a culture of your nail to recommend a treatment plan that’s right for you. Your plan may include:

  • Topical medications
  • Debridement (removing the diseased nail matter) 
  • FDA-approved antifungal pills

The antifungal pills, which you take for 3-4 months, have been shown to be highly effective. 

Your podiatrist at Ideal Foot Care may recommend the PinPointe™ FootLaser®  procedure to treat your toenail fungus. The FDA-approved treatment is virtually painless, has minimal side effects, and typically takes only about 30 minutes.

In some cases, your podiatrist suggests surgery to either temporarily or permanently remove the infected nail and allow a new, healthy nail to grow. 

Get the care you need for your nail fungus today. Call Ideal Foot Care or book a consultation online.